Get private on-the-water boating instruction on YOUR power boat. 
Capt. Linda Lewis customizes the training to focus on your needs and those of your boating partner, working on your own power boat. 

Your goals might include building skills in:

  • Docking

  • TODAY's Electronic Navigation

  • Anchoring

  • Radar

  • Tides and Currents

  • Autopilot

  • Power Boat Crew Overboard Rescue

  • VHF Radio

  • How to Transit the Ballard Locks

  • Boating Apps and Websites

  • Inside Passage Voyage Planning

  • Training Program that meets Insurance Company requirements for coverage

With her professional educator background and years of hands-on experience cruising the Inside Passage, Capt. Linda Lewis can help you:

  • Build your skills a step at a time, starting with close-quarters handling and docking

  • Brush up on the newer things in boating, like today's electronic navigation, including chart plotters, tablets, smartphones, and laptop platforms

  • Make the switch to handling a boat with different engine controls (such as Twin engines)

  • Work out set procedures for docking, anchoring, radar watch - that are right for your boat

  • Get tips for cruising The Inside Passage to British Columbia or Southeast Alaska

  • If you don't have more than one person who can handle the boat, you don't have a safe boat - think safety

  • Both captain and crew need to build their knowledge and skills as a safety priority and as an investment in satisfying boating

  • They call it pleasure boating, not misery boating; learn how to make your time on the water a great experience by building your skills and your confidence

  • CALL or EMAIL to discuss your current skill level, to identify the things that you want to learn, and to get started on smarter, more capable boat handling


Available as a speaker at yacht clubs/boating organizations. To see my speaking schedule visit my Speaking Page. Topics can include: 

  • "Best Navigation Programs for Tablets and Smartphones"

  • "Using the Navionics App as a Tool for Learning Navigation and for On-board Redundancy"

  • "Smart Tools for Boaters - Apps and Websites"

  • "How to Plot Paper Chart Dead Reckoning and Lines of Position"

  • "Currents: How to Master Them at the Dock, Underway, and at Tidal Narrows"

  • "Couples Sharing the Boat Handling: Tips for Making it Work"

  • "The Captain is Missing - First Mate's Survival Guide"

  • "Overboard Recovery on Power Boats - Using the Lifesling"

  • "VHF Marine Radio and AIS Basics"

  • "Today's Radar: How to Use it for Navigation & Collision Avoidance"

  • "Voyage Planning for the Inside Passage"