Yup, our first (and only) boat was a 65’ trawler and we had no idea how to operate her!!! Our dock neighbor’s recommended that we contact Captain Linda Lewis; it was superb advice! Linda worked with us for several sessions, going over systems, electronics and of course “on the water” training. Everything she offered was specific to our boat and our needs as a couple. Ten years later, we continue to use the systems she taught us. Additionally, we have hired her for help with planning for navigating various rapids in Desolation Sound. We have great boating habits and are well prepared for many situations thanks to Captain Linda Lewis.
— M.C. & J.C.
Thank you so much for a great day of instruction and learning on the water today. You helped us feel less intimidated and more confident. We learned a ton about the boat. And about ourselves. We will definitely take her our these next few months using the knowledge you gave us about the weather and currents and practice what you taught us. I am glad to have had the chance to experience handling the boat from the flybridge. A much better deal that we will use going forward. And so thankful for my thumbs and throttle bursts. Thanks again.
— M.B. and D.M.B
I was fortunate to have Capt. Linda as lead instructor in a recent USCG Auxiliary marine navigation class. She’s amazing - not only does she have an obvious mastery of the subject matter, and the applicable technology - but her instructional techniques are excellent. Capt. Linda takes the time to prepare her materials and is keenly interested in delivering value to her students. It’s not always easy to teach an adult evening class, but Capt. Linda has a knack of keeping everyone interested and engaged. We are now much more comfortable (and confident) with the process of planning and plotting our course with paper and electronic charts, and using our on-board navigation systems.
— D.T. (via LinkedIn)
When we moved to Seattle, we wanted to enjoy the lakes and Puget Sound, and bought a 37 foot power boat. It was our first boat! We found Captain Linda Lewis to help us learn to operate it safely. Over a series of lessons, she taught us close quarter maneuvering, how to get through the locks, and navigation on the Sound. Her breadth of knowledge and teaching style helped us gain the skills and confidence we needed. We highly recommend both her classes and on water instruction.
— W.R. & S.R.
We have had a magical first season on [our boat]. We have said so many times how thankful we are that we had the days of instruction from you. When we would get into a situation I would always think, “what would Linda tell me to do”. That got us through most of our drama on the boat.
— L.K.
Thanks for the excellent instruction yesterday. We went back out later in the afternoon and the whole experience was so much less stressful and easier than before working with you.
— L.N.
Thank you for a terrific lesson yesterday. I particularly appreciate your taking the trouble to get me to park in the tricky...slip.
— D.R.

"I was amazed when I found your website – you are somewhat of a unicorn.... Thank you for having such an amazing presence as a strong, inspirational female captain." 

— L.R.P.