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“Learn How to Navigate the Fun Way – Using the ‘Navionics’ App”

Capt. Linda Lewis

January 14, 2018 - 9 AM to 12 Noon - $45

Cruisers' College, in Anacortes, WA

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Using the “Navionics” app makes it easy to learn and practice navigation at home, then carry your work onto the boat as a backup to your on-board electronics.

We will do hands-on work with the app in the seminar, learning how to:
– understand the meaning of the colors and symbols
– plan a trip by entering, editing, and naming routes
– find tide and current data – including how to use the data
– adjust the app’s settings for safe navigation
– how (and why) to orient the screen, and more

You can download a two-week free trial of the app: "Navionics" just before the seminar. (Google Search the term: "Navionics Free Trial".) You can use the app during the seminar to 'learn how to navigate', then decide if you want to pay for and keep it. If so, we recommend you upgrade to the Navionics "US & CANADA" version of the app.